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Adair's Signature Facial
60mins     $90.00

This customized European style facial is tailored to each client's needs, creating the perfect treatment which may incude: cleansing, exfoliation, light extractions (as needed), masque, toner and skin protection. 


Adair's Signature Express Facial
30 mins     $55.00

Ideal for maintenance between skin treatments. This facial will allow for one main focus. (Return guests only please)


Renewing Anti-Aging Facial​
60 mins     $100.00

Quick paced and stimulating facial massage movements, along with invigorating products, increase circulation and oxygenate the skin naturally. Using the highest quality antioxidant rich products to ensure your skins' longevity, you will leave with your skin feeling and looking renewed!


Soothing Acne Facial​
60 mins     $95.00

A deep cleansing facial designed to draw out impurities and assist in the detoxifying process. Skin is cleansed and thoroughly exfoliated; extractions are performed. A calming purifying mask is applied with cool stones and relaxing manual lymphatic drainage massage.

Eye Bright Treatment (Enhancement)
15 mins     $20.00

Specifically designed to aid in reduction of dark circles and puffiness around the eye area, while refining fine lines and dullness. Advanced massage movements with application of ampoule and hyaluronic acid eye masque, create the perfect combination to help treat this delicate skin.

Décolleté Finish (Enhancement)
15 mins     $20.00

Why not also treat the second thinnest skin as well? This add-on treatment to facials will allow for this delicate skin to get some extra needed attention! Extra massage, masque and product application.


Glycolic Peel 
30 mins     $60.00

Using the finest buffered 40% sugar derived alpha-hydroxy, this peel will give skin a more refined texture while gently refining fine lines. With no down time or redness associated, it's a great option for instant results!

Glycolic Peel (Enhancement)
15 mins     $40.00

An awesome add-on to any facial, allowing facial treatment results to be even more dramatic.



60 mins     $85.00

Method of exfoliation that consists of using a scalpel with controlled movements to gently scrape off the top layer of dull dead skin and fine vellus hair to reveal brighter and smoother complexion. Recommended for deep acne scarring and fine lines. 


Essential Back Facial
45 mins     $65.00

Relax... and let us cleanse, exfoliate, extract (as needed), apply a soothing masque and moisturize the part of you that you don’t always remember to treat.

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